Design Build Services:
Brown Mechanical Contractors has the double benefit of "In-House" mechanical
engineering capabilities and strong relationships with outside consulting engineers.
We have the ability to respond to the customer's needs efficiently and rapidly.

Brown Mechanical can do Engineering, Design and Drafting in house, or given work
load, availability, etc. solicit any part of Engineering, Design and Drafting from
consulting engineers. This would apply to original design, design modifications, and
changes that may occur during construction up through the "As-Built" stages.

Advantages of Design/Build - Plumbing & HVAC:

1. Cost Control - The design/build mechanical contractor is able to provide actual
cost data and evaluate the best suited materials and methods for the owner's
budget, resulting in the maximum quality and quantity for the owner's construction

2. Timeliness - The design may be completed in phases concurrently with the
approval, procurement, and installation of portions of the work. This enables a fast
track schedule that is not constrained by the time necessary to complete the
contract documents, advertise and receive bids, and evaluate bids for award.

3. Legal Relationships - The local design build contractor is able to utilize his
knowledge of the building authority's interpretation of the code to minimize delays
and cost from revisions and changes.

4. Quality Control - Through the use of selected materials, suppliers and
tradesmen, the design build contractor assures the owner of the highest available
quality throughout both the design and construction processes.  
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